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How to add captions to Planet-e-Stream videos for use in Aula

As part of the accessibility workshop for Coventry University Group Staff Conference 2021, John McCaughley produced a walkthrough tutorial showing how to host and import videos from Planet e-Stream to Aula.

You’ll also learn how to use Planet e-Stream’s facility for allowing videos to display captions on the Aula platform.

As well as the video demonstration above by John McCaughley, there’s also a helpful PDF on the topic produced by Michael Swift:

Other information:

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  • John McCaughley

    I am a digital media producer who is focused on enhancing the students learning journey through digital media and storytelling.

  • Michael Swift

    I am a Digital Media Producer at CU Online helping to make learning engaging and digestible by storytelling through video, illustration and podcasts. I have a background in broadcast television, the performing arts, and have provided business management and leadership training for SMEs.

Updated on December 22, 2021

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