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How to add captions to Planet-e-Stream videos for use in Aula


Planet eStream is the preferred video-hosting platform for the Coventry University Group. It has a built-in captions generator, but at present more accurate captions can be created with other tools, such as Microsoft Stream. The PDF guide on this page explains how to:

  • Part 1: Upload videos to Microsoft Stream to create accurate captions and a transcript 
  • Part 2: Upload your video and captions to Planet eStream 
  • Part 3: Share your video with captions and transcript in Aula 

Please note that if your video is saved in Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, or Microsoft Sharepoint, it’s already hosted in Microsoft Stream behind the scenes so you don’t need to upload it again. Please see the guide for more information.

PDF Guide


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Updated on May 22, 2024

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