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Uploading grades from the Student Success App

A quick guide to uploading your marks from the Student Success App in Aula to Universe, from a single link, or a main + submission link.  It will direct you to guidance to support: 

  • Mapping assessment items; 
  •  How to deselect students;  
  • How to merge/separately upload marks safely from the main and the extension submission. 

This video provides an overview of how to Export Grades to Universe from Aula from a single submission item.  (NB. You will need to have linked your assignment to an assessment item in order to export.)  

Exporting grades to Universe (youtube.com)

Clicking on ‘Export’ on the relevant assessment item will reveal the grade export panel in which you can review the grades for each student before exporting to Universe. 


These provide additional information about the status of each assignment and help you make the correct decision about what should be exported for each student.  

  • Not submitted: There is no submission available 
  • Late submission: The student submitted their assignment after the due to date 
  • Not graded: A submission is present but it has not yet been graded. 

Use the grade override options in the drop-down menu on the right to adjust the values to be exported as required. 

Grade override options  

  • Do not export: Choosing this option will exclude this student entirely from the export.  
  • Not submitted: This is equivalent to AB or Absent in the previous Moodle-Universe plugin. Use this for non-submission or non-attendance at exam. 

Upload error codes

There are 12 specific error codes, actions for all codes are noted below:

Error CodeDescriptionAction

Error Code 1. 

This student is not associated with this module in Universe.
Please contact Faculty Registry to rectify.
Contact the module leader. If unable to rectify, contact faculty Registry.
Error Code 2. A non-numeric mark already exists in Universe for this student and cannot be overwritten. If you believe this to be in error, please contact the course administrator.As specified in the error message.
Error Code 3. (grade) is not a valid value for (assessment item name). Refer to the module spec to identify the correct grade type for this assessment.a) Check the Module Spec for the appropriate grade type  b)  Contact Faculty Registry
Error Code 4.Network: Error: read ECONNRESET.This is CU network issue. Try rebooting your device.
Error Code 5  You do not have the required permissions to update this grade. To request access to Universe, please seek approval from your line manager.your line manager should complete the relevant form to request and approve access to Universe, emailing the form to email this to universeaccess.reg@coventry.ac.uk
Error Code 6. This mark has been ratified at board, and may only be overwritten by Chair’s Action. Please contact Faculty Registrar.as stated.
Error Code 7. You do not have the required permissions to update this grade. To request access to Universe, please seek approval from your line manager.As Error Code 5
Error code 8. 10097 Record already exists.tbc.
Error Code 9. Specified component does not exist in module or is not available for amendment through the web service.raise an IT ticket FAO the learning systems team.
Error Code 10.10097 Error – Getting Regulation for student 9815870tbc
Error Code 11. Error retrieving module: Cohort not found. Please refer to Faculty Registry.as stated.
Error Code 12. This mark has been carried forward and cannot be amended. tbc
table of upload error codes with actions

To upload marks from a resit link, follow the same process as uploading from the single submission link. In the Student Success App, first map the resit link to the correct assessment item in the Assessment Items box at the top.

To do this, select the assignment that the resit was connected to (what it was a resit OF), click on it, and then select the ‘Composed of’ drop down menu next to the original submission. Navigate the drop down menu to find and select your resit submission and click Save. You have now mapped your resit to the correct assessment item. From here, proceed with the export process as usual.

A clear walkthrough by Philip McCosker can be found here: https://livecoventryac-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/aa9137_coventry_ac_uk/ET58g3DA059Jn-yWI1taVg0BO2lPIdoU_8VmagwInWGZ3g?e=rcOpKF

How do I upload marks from students who have been given an extension? 

Please view this article on how manage student extensions within Turnitin and Hand-in.

Once the student has submitted, you can export the assignment again through the student success app.

How to Merge grades from the two assignments through use of a ‘manual assignment’.   

  • Uploading grades to manual assignment 
  • Step 1: Download csv file of the marks from the original assignment link and upload to your newly created ‘manual assignment in the Student Success App.   
  • Step 2: Download csv file from the extensions assignment.  Edit this file so it only contains students with a grade.  This is important – if the main submission students are not removed from this file, their zero grade from the extension will override your first upload in Universe.  
  • Step 3: upload the edited extensions assignment csv file to the new ‘manual assignment’ 
  • Export grades from the ‘manual assignment’ to Universe from both csv files.  


Is the export from Aula to Universe a once only function?   
No, it is not a once-only function. Grades export can be repeated unlimited times.
Can the transfer be selective?  If grades need amending after initial upload? 
Individual students’ grades can be excluded from the export using the ‘do not export’ option in the export side-panel. See  full demo video (https://youtu.be/MxViC5vspO0 ). 
Will the exported csv file map seamlessly to the ‘manual assignment’?   
The csv is used to import grades into the Student Success App after which the grades will be applied to each student. On import, the students are matched using email address in the csv with a student email enrolled in the space.  For staff doing the import, Aula makes it very clear where students are missing from the imported file, or if there is a student in the file that does not exist in the space. (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxViC5vspO0)  
What will be the situation where (if) there are students who are still on Aula with personal email addresses? 
The email address for the student must match the one held in Universe. An error message will be returned where email addresses do not match.
How can lecturers submit work on behalf of students when they have not previously submitted?   
This is not currently possible. Work will have to be accepted by email or assignments will have to be created/opened to allow students to upload their work.



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Updated on April 30, 2024
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