Managing Groups in Aula

This article pulls together information on using Groups in Aula.  Understanding how to get up and manage groups will inform creating group assignments and being able to allocate markers

Creating and managing Groups

Whatever the purpose for setting up groups, for assignments or to manage the allocation of markers, the process of creating and managing groups is demonstrated via this link: Creating Assignment Groups [Aula help article].

When creating Groups, the first step is to create a Group Set.  This will be specific to the purpose for having the groups.  Once created groups are then created that sit within the Group Set.  It is therefore possible to create multiple Group Sets for different purposes.  For example, a Group Set for the assignment, a second Group Set for a formative task or discussion group and third Group Set for marker allocation.

When adding groups to the Group Set these can be created:

  • Manually – students are searched for individually and added to groups
  • Automatically – the number and size of groups are specified and students are divided into randomised groups
  • From a csv file – groups created from a csv file, uploaded to Aula.

Group assignments in Aula

Group assignment functionality is available through the Handin tool. To set up a group assignment, first establish the groups: see Creating Assignment Groups [Aula help article].

Once this is done, set up your Handin assessment and link to the Group Set that has been created for this task – Handin: Creating Group Assignments [Aula help article]

When using Handin it does mean the submitted group task will not be uploaded to Turnitin for text-matching. If text-matching is required for this assessment, then the following steps can be taken as a workaround:

  1. Set up group assessment as above using Handin. This assessment will be linked to the Assessment Item for return of marks.
  2. Set up Turnitin assessment for the task, solely for the purpose of receiving the group submission for text-matching. This assessment should not be linked to the Assessment Item.
  3. The assessment task will need to include clear guidance for the group to nominate one individual who will submit the finished assignment to Turnitin for text-matching.

See also Setting up group assignments in Aula

Allocating markers

The Adding Students to Group feature in Aula can also be used for the allocation markers.  Using the groups allows the Student Submission List to be filtered by individual marker.  For guidance see: Allocating marking of assignments directly in Aula [Aula help article]


Updated on April 30, 2024
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