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Setting up group assignments in Aula

There is group submission functionality using the Handin assessment tool.  It is not possible to have group submissions through Turnitin. 

Guidance on setting up a group assignment in Handin.

Where a group assignment requires plagiarism checking (which is not possible through Handin), there is a workaround:

Create two assignments, one in Turnitin and one in Handin.  The Turnitin assignment is used purely for getting the similarity score / report. Grading and feedback happens using the group assignment functionality in Handin.

The Handin assignment should be set up as a group assignment

One person from each group submits to both assignments at the same time.

When Turnitin grades are released (on pre-defined grades release date) no grades will be available.

When mapping the assignment to an assessment item, the Handin assignment is used.

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Updated on September 3, 2021

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