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Extend learning opportunities with LinkedIn Learning

Whether using a flipped or blended approach, LinkedIn Learning can compliment your style and provide your students with the extra knowledge they need to thrive In class. The platform has thousands of videos on subjects like leadership, programming, illustration, design, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, and many more.

It’s the perfect place to find learning objects to curate for your students.

Sharing Content

Sharing custom content allows you to build a digital history of your module and provide students with both the technical knowledge and or soft skills required to complement your content.

Furthermore, LinkedIn Learning can be used to support extra learning or remedial support for individuals simply by sharing a direct URL link to recommended learning.

You can even embed up to 20 videos per month into a web publishing platform like Coventry.Domains to create a unique learning experience.

Students can learn at their own pace, in their own time and replay whenever needed. 

Curating Collections

A collection is essentially a playlist of curated course or video that can easily be shared with individuals or a whole cohort through one URL link. This link can be published on Aula and accessed directly by all your students.

Collections are a great way to ensure your students are building the capabilities and knowledge in between lessons, not forgetting for each completed course, the earner will receive a LinkedIn Learning certificate that can be downloaded and printed, or shared on social media platforms. Providing real time recognition and helping to build a career ready portfolio throughout the learning journey.

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Updated on December 2, 2020

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