Coventry.Domains is a Core tool for creating portfolios, blogs and other websites. It’s available to both students and educators of the Coventry University Group.


Staff and students of the Coventry University Group can build their online presence, take part in authentic assessment and become better digital citizens with Coventry.Domains.

Coventry.Domains offers two options for getting online:

  • Coventry.Domains WordPress – An instantly available WordPress site with managed themes, plugins, privacy and cookie policies open to everyone in the University Group
  • Domains of One’s Own – A DIY solution where staff and students can request web hosting space where they can install and maintain their content management system of choice (including WordPress)

With either option, you can build a website, blog or portfolio, customise the appearance and start publishing pages and blog posts for all the world (or select users) to see.

For most users, Coventry.Domains WordPress is the best option as it’s available to everyone in the group, doesn’t require approval and has the quickest set up process.

Can I use it?

This tool is marked as Core in the Teaching and Learning Ecosystem document, meaning it’s central to teaching and learning and available to all staff. Login for Core tools is typically via Single Sign on or you can contact the Learning Enhancement Team to find out more.

Firewall Status: Safe  This tool is likely to work for learners in countries with more restrictive firewalls

How do I access it?

For Coventry.Domains WordPress, you can login right away via single sign on (i.e. using your university email address and password). Learn more here:

Coventry.Domains WordPress Knowledge Base

If you’re interested in the Domains of One’s Own option, you’ll need to request an account for yourself or your students. You can find out more about that service at the Domain’s of One’s Own knowledge base or by emailing the Domains of One’s Own team.

What can I do with it?

Here are some articles other educators and support staff have created to help you use this tool:


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Updated on December 2, 2020
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