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How to create a collection in LinkedIn Learning

  1. Create

Head to your ‘Me’ tab and from the drop down list click ‘Collections’

This will show you the page where new and existing collections are stored. Hit the ‘Create New Collection’ button to get started:

A pop up screen will appear, prompting you to name and describe your collection:

2. Adding videos and courses to your collection

You have created the base of your collection, now it’s time to starting adding content. You can do this by browsing the catalogue of content and saving the videos or courses you feel are most appropriate for your students. Don’t forget you can filter by level, type and time it takes to complete to easily find the most appropriate content. Simply hit the ‘add to collection’ button from either your saved list or directly from the main catalogue:

Add to relevant collection base:

3. Share

Once you are happy with the collection and the amount of content within it, it’s time to share with your students. From the collections tab mentioned in step 1 and by clicking on your new collection you will now see the ‘share’ button available to click:

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Updated on November 17, 2020

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