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Using Aula for Assessment – FAQs

FAQs on using Aula for assessment, categorised under ‘Setting up Assessments’, ‘Marking and Feedback Processes’ and ‘Students and Assessment’.

Setting up Assessments
Can we make changes to the settings in Handin after it was set up?
Yes this is possible

Can peer marking be enabled?
Peer assessment is not possible using Handin. There is a Peermark function in Turnitin

Can I upload my marking scheme in AULA along with the coursework?
This could be set up as a rubric in either Turnitin or Handin. See https://aula.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017154820-How-can-I-use-Rubrics-for-Assignments-in-Aula-

Does Handin do a similarity check?
No, have to get this done in Turnitin.

How do you set the number of attempts in Turnitin?
It is not possible to set the number of attempts. Assessments in Turnitin should be set up as per guidance document on OTL website, which specifies that students need to be allowed to

If using Handin it is not possible to set a limit on number of submissions
Marking and Feedback Processes
Can we combine different feedback types in Handin?
You can use rubrics plus the feedback tool (which allows direct text input, file upload and audio feedback). There is also the conversation option which allows feedback to be provided on a submission (from point made) which students can respond to. This can be used for formative tasks or on draft submissions.

Is there a Gradebook in AULA?
The Student Success App provides an overview of individual assignments and details of students performance

Can I see a list of student submissions with time submitted?
The submission list view allows you to see a list using both Turnitin and Handin of student submissions under categories of on time, late or no submission. See https://aula.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017228480

Can we hide marks while marking – so a release date set?
In Turnitin marks are hidden until set grade release date.
In Handin they are hidden until grades are releases, a manual process.

Is it possible to have a pass/fail option with the Turnitin LTI integration?
No. Turnitin LTI only supports numerical grades.

Is bulk download of student work possible?
For Turnitin, yes.
For Handin, no. This is because Handin is designed to facilitate not just standard file uploads but all kinds of media files, live cloud files, embedded links etc. In the case where a submission contains multiple media types and uploads, it’s not clear what we should download and how we would connect each individual file to a student etc. A solution for this is on Aula’s agenda.

Can you do a bulk upload of feedback in Aula?
a. No
Students and Assessment
Can students upload more than one document in Turnitin as in Handin?
Only one file can be uploaded to Turnitin

Can zip files be uploaded to Handin?
Yes. Also other compression formats such as RAR and 7-zip. However, the only reason to do this would be to get around the 1GB limit or to overcome upload speed issues on slow connections.

If you have a single file which is larger than the 1GB limit, compressing would make sense. However if you had multiple files which together are more than 1GB but individually are less, you can just upload them individually.

What is the size limit for upload?
There is a One gigabyte individual file size limit in Handin
Turnitin file upload size is 100Mb or 800 pages.

Is there a limit to how many files can be uploaded in Handin?
There is no limit. The maximum size for individual files is 1Gb

Can students view the assessment area on mobile devices?
There are certain features available on Aula’s web app which are not available on the mobile app including viewing and submitting assignments (although students can still view grades on mobile via the Student Success App).

Aula are working on bringing full feature parity to the mobile app. Students can access the full web app functionality using the web browser on their mobile devices. This article will help get them set up: Request a desktop version of Aula on a mobile device.

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Updated on November 17, 2020

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