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The Coventry EdTech Ecosystem

The EdTech Ecosystem includes all the Coventry University Group’s procured learning technologies, as well as other recognised platforms. It consists of three areas represented as concentric circles, showing the level of importance of all applications approved for teaching and learning within the Group, positioning Aula at its core

How important is each tool?

The closer to the centre you get, the more vital each tool becomes to our delivery.

  • Aula is the learning experience platform at the core of the teaching and learning ecosystem: Everything else plugs into and orbits around this central capability. 
  • Core – integrated systems: Applications within this circle are integrated into Aula and are central to teaching and learning. Their use is preferred and considered vital to our delivery. 
  • Supported – recommended: As the name implies, they are recommended and actively supported by the university. 
  • Managed Use: Utilisation of tools within this circle must be in line with the University Group Social Media Policy and follow supporting guidelines for teaching and learning. The relevant Associate Head of School – Student Experience (or equivalent role in other campuses) must also be informed. 

To learn more about the difference between Core, Supported or Managed Use tools (and how to choose the right one for you) read our article on accessing digital tools.  

Understanding the categories

The diagram also includes seven sectors that cut across the three concentric circles and categorises tools based on their main functionality: 

  • Resources: Platforms that provide students with access to high quality learning materials. 
  • Content: Tools that support the production, management and sharing of digital content and learning objects. 
  • Assessment and Feedback: Tools that enable the process of assessing students’ learning 
  • Webinars: Tools that make it possible for students and staff to participate in synchronous communication, whether using video or chat. 
  • Media: Tools to produce, store and share video content for asynchronous consumption. 
  • Audience participation: Tools to foster active participation by means of, for example, polls or boards where students can share their inputs during a class. 
  • Portfolio: tools that enable students to showcase their work and skills, experiment with web publishing to establish a rich online presence and engage in reflective practice. 

Apart from teaching and learning tools, the EdTech Ecosystem also contains a separate section with tools for Student Support, Wellbeing & Administration, covering peer-mentoring, learning analytics, student portal and student mobility. 

The EdTech Ecosystem is constant evolution to ensure that all its elements effectively support the core principles of the Coventry Way and the key design principles for teaching and learning: Active, Applied, Social and Inclusive.

Updated on July 11, 2023

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