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Manual assignment function in Aula

The manual assignment function in Aula allows grades that have been generated in other tools, such as Moodle Quiz, to be recorded in Aula. This ensures all grades are available to students through Aula and the Export Grades to Universe function can be used.

To create a manual assignment:

  1. Navigate to the Student Success App (Journey / Assignments / Student Success App)
  2. Click on the green ‘+’ to create a manual assignment. 
  3. Enter a relevant title (remember this assignment will be visible to students)
  4. Choose a grade type (NB. if you intend to map more than one assignment to an assessment item with weighting, you must choose Percentage as grade type)
  5. Once the assignment is created, click on it
  6. Click ‘Upload Grades’, select your csv file and click ‘Next’
  7. Check that the relevant column headers are selected for student email and grades and click ‘Apply grades’
  8. Release grades to students if required.


Updated on December 1, 2020

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