Youtube is a Managed Use platform for recording and hosting videos and live streams that are easy to share with your learners (depending on the firewall restrictions of the viewing country).


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You almost certainly have experience using YouTube – the world’s largest video hosting service, first launched in 2005. Over 5 billion videos are viewed on the platform every day, and there’s a good chance that you’ll find some decent learning material which is highly relevant to your course.

Of course you can also create your own! Using a recording service like Screencast-O-Matic, Microsoft Streams, or even your own smartphone or webcam, you can create videos and lectures on your own YouTube channel and host them for your learners.

While YouTube integrates well with Aula, teachers should be aware that the service is not available in all countries. Therefore, it’s not recommended that you host the essential content of your module on YouTube. However, it could be a good source of supplementary information, or a place to host content for purely UK-based students.

Can I use it?

This product is marked as Managed Use in the Teaching and Learning Ecosystem document, so while the university doesn’t provide licences, staff can use it with students after consideration of GDPR and data security. If you have concerns, speak to your Associate Head of School for Student Experience or equivalent role.

Firewall Status: Unsafe
This tool appears to be blocked by countries with more restrictive firewalls. Consider using an alternative if you’ll be joined by students learning remotely from outside the UK

What can I do with it?

There are currently no guides available for this tool. If you’re familiar with it, perhaps you’d consider contributing to the knowledge base?


  • Noah Mitchell

    I work at Coventry University's Disruptive Media Learning Lab where I focus on digital projects such as Coventry.Domains. I'm passionate about digital fluency, design and user experience.

Updated on December 2, 2020

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