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Educator Digital Fluency course

This foundational course on digital fluency, has been designed for new and existing educators within the Coventry University Group (CUG).

The aim of this short course is to provide all of our educators with an overview of our teaching principles and the core digital tools available, to deliver high quality teaching and assessment.

In particular, it focuses upon:

  • Our 4 principles of teaching and learning
  • The EdTech Ecosystem
  • Using your Aula space effectively
  • Creating digital content
  • Facilitating online interactions
  • Accessibility considerations

We would typically expect you

If you are new to CUG, this course is a great way to prepare you for your time during your initial onboarding. You can explore each chapter at your own pace but typically we would expect the course to take approx a few days.

The Educator Digital Fluency Course is located under the ‘Communities and training’ section of Aula.

Course links:

Coventry University
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Educator Digital Fluency Course

CU Group ( Coventry, London, Poland and Scarborough )
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Educator Digital Fluency course

Coventry University London
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Educator Digital Fluency course

Enjoy, and please share you feedback in the relevant sections of the course. This feedback will help inform future improvements.

The development of this course has been a collaborative effort including colleagues from the Office for Teaching and Learning, Coventry University Online and Educators from across Coventry University Group.

Jonathan Shaw

Professor Jonathan Shaw
Director, Educational Innovation and Technology
Office for Teaching and Learning

Updated on June 13, 2023

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