OneDrive is a Core tool for creating, storing and sharing a variety of content developed with the tools of the Microsoft 365 suite.


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Sync your documents, photos, slides, videos and any other content across all devices and share them with your students. If you want to offer your students more than just a reading list, then you’ll need a way to create unique content, a place to keep it all organised and a way to share it.

As a Microsoft Partner university, Coventry staff enjoy full access to the Microsoft 365 suite of tools such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Teams, Stream, Forms, Sway and many others. OneDrive is the one place where all of your content created with Microsoft 365 tools can be stored and accessed from anywhere, and it fully integrates with Aula.

You can start using OneDrive and all Microsoft 365 tools via single sign on. To link files in Aula, look out for the + symbol when creating a post in the class feed or page in the materials section.

Can I use it?

This tool is marked as Core in the Teaching and Learning Ecosystem document, meaning it’s central to teaching and learning and available to all staff. Login for Core tools is typically via Single Sign on or you can contact the Learning Enhancement Team to find out more.

Firewall Status: Safe  – This tool is likely to work for learners in countries with more restrictive firewalls.

What can I do with it?


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Updated on April 30, 2024
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