Microsoft Planner


Planner is a light weight, mobile and web-based application, with a simple card-based interface. With Planner you and your team can to create plans, assign tasks, chat about tasks, and see charts of your team’s progress. You can also use Planner from within Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint.

Planner helps teams get more work done. You can create Kanban boards using content-rich task cards with files, checklists, labels, and more.

 The Tasks app in Teams & the stand alone tasks app in Office 365 combine all your Planner and To Do tasks , allowing you to track all of your tasks in one place.

Can I use it?

It’s generally available to staff for teaching and learning. This tool is marked as Supported in the Teaching and Learning Ecosystem document. Supported tools may not integrate perfectly with Aula and may or may not use Single Sign on. If you’re not sure how to get started, you can contact the Learning Enhancement Team to find out more.

Firewall Status: Safe  This tool is likely to work for learners in countries with more restrictive firewalls

What can I do with it?

Here are some articles other educators and support staff have created to help you use this tool:


Updated on December 4, 2020
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