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How to enable live captions in Zoom meetings (Student)

Coventry University Group’s Zoom allows users to enable auto-generated captions during meetings. This allows you to read what the meeting participants are saying in real time. It’s important to bear in mind that the captions produced will be computer-generated and, as such, there will be some innacuracies between what captions are shown and what the meeting participants actually said.

Enabling live auto captions

In the Zoom meeting in progress look at your button menu at the bottom of your screen, NOTE you should not have your Zoom window at a smaller window screen size, as this may hide the number of icon buttons viewable:

screen grab of bottom of Zoom screen, showing these following buttons: participants, share screen, chat, reactions, setting, more.

the button should look like this:

Zoom Live Transcript button with square CC icon picture

If the button is not showing, student should request from the meeting host (teacher) that they switch on the Live Transcript CC button that is present within all Coventry University teacher Zoom menus, by asking teacher to click on their Zoom CC button at the bottom of the screen and to click select “enable auto-transcription”.

When the teacher has done this, your student Zoom screen buttons should have the live transcript CC button now showing, and when clicked on, you will see live captions on the bottom of your Zoom screen.

For example in the screen grab below is shown a transcripted “Yeah” comment, also highlighted is the new CC live transcript button now present:

screen grab of bottom of Zoom screen showing "yeah" caption highlighted in red circle, and also CC live transcript button highlighted in red circle now added to the users list of buttons present.

Additional “view full transcript” feature

If student clicks on their own ‘live transcript’ button and selects ‘view full transcript’:

screen grab of clicked CC live transcript button menu of options: hide subtitle, view full transcript, further settings.

Then you can see a full transcript as it happens live with icon colour coding for different speakers, in a new transcript column window in Zoom:

screen grab of new Zoom window with colour icon coded representation of each participants individual audio transcripts in order as spoken

That’s it! You’ll now be able to read what meeting participants (including yourself) are saying in real time.


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Updated on September 2, 2021
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