Engageli is a digital learning platform currently in a proof of concept phase at the Coventry University group. This means that access to the tool is currently limited while we explore how it might improve the teaching and learning experience.


Engageli has been designed from the ground up as a digital platform for facilitating highly engaging teaching and learning experiences.

Initially created in response to the limitations educators face in using video conferencing tools for teaching, Engageli provides a suite of features to help students interact with synchronous (and asynchronous) sessions in unique ways.

Some features of Engageli include:

  • An asymmetrical platform with a different experience for instructors and students
  • Students are always in table groups to promote active, social learning and a small group experience
  • Interactive tools for students to quickly give you feedback during the session
  • A Q&A tool where students can both ask and answer questions
  • Built in polling
  • Smooth video playback
  • Accessible to students joining on poor connections or low-powered devices with no need to download an app or install a plugin

You can learn more about the tool at Engageli’s website:


Can I use it?

This tool is currently being explored as part of a proof of concept project with up to 10,000 students across the Coventry University Group. During this phase, access to Engageli is only available to educators teaching from a list of selected courses.

If you’d be interested in using Engageli with your students, please get in touch with the Education Technology team to learn more.

Firewall Status: Unstable
This tool appears to be unstable in countries with more restrictive firewalls. Consider using an alternative if you’ll be joined by students learning remotely from outside the UK/EU

Launching Your Classroom

Once you have access to Engageli you can follow the steps to create and launch a new classroom on their support documentation:

Launching an Engageli Classroom

Some things to note:

  1. We recommend the Browser-based method for new Engageli instructors
  2. You’ll need this link to access the Coventry instance of Engageli:
  3. For curricular, weekly classes, we recommend registering your module with the support team, and they will create a URL for you and send it to you directly. From September 2022, classrooms should be created automatically via Aula.

What can I do with it?

Resources are actively being developed to support educators teaching with Engageli. Keep checking this space for new materials.

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Updated on June 8, 2022

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