What is Engageli?

Engageli is similar to Teams or Zoom, but has been developed specifically for remote teaching. Below are some of its features:

  • It is integrated with Aula
  • It is based around virtual tables
  • It contains two modes (Room and Table mode). In Room mode everyone can hear everybody else. In table mode, students can other liaise with those “sitting” on their table. Tutors can easily move between tables.
  • Access to engagement metrics to analyse learner participation based on attendance, hand raises, chat, poll, and qui responses
  • Integrates polls and quizzes directly within presentations (when using PDF mode)
  • Contains collaboration tools such as whiteboards
  • Offers interactive recordings

How do I learn how to use Engageli?

We have an asynchronous course, which involves six interactive videos

These take place within an Engageli playback room.

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Quick Start Guides

Important information:

When you see one of the below icons, make to sure to click on them as they contain important information:

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Getting started with Engageli

Engageli’s key features

Getting ready to teach with Engageli

Engageli’s Advanced Features

Further information

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Updated on January 9, 2024
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