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Embedding Narration in PowerPoint


The information on this page describes how to use the audio recording features in older versions of PowerPoint. For instructions about how to record your presentation with both your webcam and audio in newer versions of PowerPoint, please see this video: How to make a narrated presentation / vlog with PowerPoint (media.coventry.ac.uk).


You can use the very simple embedded features of PowerPoint software to create audio narrations alongside PPT slides. This does not need Echo360 or Screencast-o-matic, which can be a bit scary for some people. As with those tools though, you’ll need access to a microphone either built in to your laptop or something like a headset.

Whichever microphone you use, make sure you have it positioned close enough to your mouth & that you have minimised background noise in the room. It is a good idea to do a small test recording to see if the sound quality is OK before you begin in earnest.

How to add narration to a PowerPoint

How to share the file

Save the file on OneDrive, then create a URL link from the OneDrive file. Make sure it is NOT editable and CAN be accessed by anyone in Coventry University. Sharing a URL rather than a file achieves two things:

  1. You are  not sharing large file sizes
  2. The Microsoft clever interface optimises the  programme automatically from whatever platform it is opened from (Moodle, smartphone, poor wifi connection).

With thanks to Patricia Ashman and Mark Hooper for this guidance.


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Updated on February 7, 2024
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