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Creating community in an asynchronous environment

This is the outcome of a webinar run by Academic Development, in November 2020, about the above topic. There was a group activity, where participants discussed and shared some ideas about how to create community in an asynchronous environment.

In the breakout rooms, participants worked on a shared Google Slide. The final result is a set of tips and ideas about how to promote that engagement outside the formal teaching events.

Social Media Guidelines – Coventry University Group

It is important to understand the social media ecosystem where young people move and encourage them to use those channels to keep in touch. In the actual context where students are located in different places, this is an effective way to socialise.

It can be important to (re)visit the following documents:

About the author(s)

  • Luis Pereira

    Academic Developer | I teach, research and run training for staff on teaching and learning in HE with a special focus on digital media education and (critical) digital pedagogies.

Updated on January 8, 2021

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