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Creating a Live Question Bank with Padlet


A live question bank can be a helpful and constructive tool to utilise during remote teaching sessions. It can provide shy learners with a platform to share their questions and have them answered.

There are a few types of boards Padlet has available to achieve this outcome: Shelf, Wall, and Backchannel being the more appropriate ones. All options listed are usable as a live question bank, but they have different ways of displaying content and it becomes a matter of preference.


This board is suitable if you are covering a number of topics in one lecture and would like questions to be more organised under certain terms instead of mixed into one bowl; it can help keep the questions and answers more structured and less chaotic.


If being able to answer questions live and within the moment is something you like to do then the Backchannel board may be the one to use. It creates what is essentially a chat channel that students can type questions into as the lecture is given. However, this method may be unsuitable for a large number of students as the free flowing element to the board can encourage out of topic conversations, and can subtract from your lesson from having to moderate the channel. This is a much more viable approach if the class contains only a small number of attendees.


A wall is similar to the shelf board, except it creates posts side-by-side, without the organisation of a topic which might be preferred if your lecture will only cover a select number of topics as opposed to a broad range.


Updated on November 17, 2020

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