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Add live captions to PowerPoint presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is able to add captions to presentations in real-time. This guide will show you how to activate and make use of this feature when presenting.

What do I need?

The live-captioning feature is supported for Windows, Mac and Online users. If you are running an older version of PowerPoint on your machine, you may need to update or use the online version. Users of Windows devices must be on Windows 10 or later.

How do I turn on live captions?

This guide shows you how to activate this feature in the online version of PowerPoint. Users of the native Windows or Mac applications can find step-by-step guides on the Microsoft Support Web.

Step One: Activate Subtitles

When you open your presentation in PowerPoint Online, click on the ‘Slide Show‘ tab.

A screenshot of the toolbar in Microsoft PowerPoint Online.
Screenshot of the toolbar in Microsoft PowerPoint Online
Step Two: Change the Settings

Click on the drop-down arrow to access subtitle settings.

Step Three: Select your Languages

Select your spoken language, and the language you want your subtitles to appear in.

Step Four: Set the Location

Select the location on the screen you would like your subtitles to appear in. Your options are: overlaid on the top, overlaid on the bottom, underneath the presentation, or above the presentation.

More information:

More information, including guides for Windows, Mac and online users is available from the Microsoft Support web.

About the author(s)

  • Oliver Atkins-Wood

    Oliver is an Academic Developer supporting curriculum design and development across Coventry University Group. He works for the Academic Enhancement and Professional Development Unit in the Office of Teaching and Learning.

Updated on September 2, 2021

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