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Getting Started with Inspera

As Inspera is a role based system and has an open infrastructure colleagues need to be added to the system with specified roles before they can start using the system.  Colleagues are required to attend a ‘Getting Started with Inspera’ workshop, which will introduce required naming conventions and principles before they are added to the Test tenancy.

The University has two ‘tenancies’ of Inspera, Test tenancy and Production tenancy. 

Test tenancyStaff login – https://coventrytest.inspera.com/admin#home There is no student access to the Test tenancy. The Test tenancy is a staff only space which can be used as a sand-pit for colleagues to explore the use of Inspera and build assessments ready for delivery.  Production tenancyStaff Login – https://coventryassessment.inspera.com/admin#home Student direct login – https://coventryassessment.inspera.com/ Assessments, formative and summative, will be delivered to students using the Production tenancy. When ready to deliver your first assessment to students contact the Education Technologists (learningenhance@coventry.ac.uk) and they will help set you up on the Production tenancy.   

Once you have attended one of the ‘Getting Started with Inspera’ workshops you will be added to the Test tenancy.

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