Education Technologists – who are we and how can we help?

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The educational technologists live and work at the interface between learning technology and the science of how we learn best.

Superpowers: understanding the application of educational technology to: learning and teaching; academic development; innovation and creativity; systems and platforms; content creation and curation; developing collaborative and engaged learning communities; forensic solution finders; creative approach developers; team players; visualisers, assessment wranglers.  

We are:

  • Expert collaborators 
  • Relationship builders 
  • Tech translators 
  • Lifelong learning advocates 
  • Creative problem solvers 
  • Committed to excellence, inclusivity, accessibility and equity in teaching, learning and assessment 

So What can we do for you? 

  1. Answer your urgent queries about ed tech tools and assessment via ServiceNow ticket system and a very well staffed rota! 
  1. Just getting started? We work with you at your starting point and at your pace. Let us introduce you to the basic first principles about how to use technology to improve learning experiences and outcomes.
  1. Support training and development of academic and professional services staff in the use of technologies to support learning and teaching, including assessment. 
  1. Progress to piloting new tehnologies with the potential to enliven delivery (avatars) 
  1. Get enthusiastic about your projects to engage, entertain and educate your students (we’re good at pedagogy/andragogy/heutagogy too) 
  1. Act as a bridge and translator between technology and pedagogy – knowing which is the best fit to deliver the required learning outcomes 
  1. Experienced in co-creating and supporting online international learning  
  1. Act as learning engagement and innovation consultants 
  1. Act as expert colleagues to embed accessibility and inclusivity across your delivery, and support the decolonisation for the curriculum through approaches that work across time, space and culture.  
  1. Act as the link between the front line of education, and the strategic implementation of new platforms, approaches and technologies 

Key collaborations with……..

Academic Development

Co delivered training: assessment; hybrid teaching and learning; online and distance teaching and learning; online international learning; embedding technology with impact into the curriculum.

Educational innovation

Co delivering: horizon scanning, proof of concept piloting and transition to scaled integration for new technologies that convince us of their functionality and future use.

Digital Services

Collaborating on swift query resolution through service now; working with digital services project teams and leads to support the roll-out, training and use of new technologies.

Platform Team

Supporting on platform glitches and issues; working in tandem with the Platform Team and engineering and project teams on continuous improvement of platform functionality; regularly communicating issues and fixes; supporting some of the day to day tasks at busy times; leading on assessment tools and their integration within the platforms.

Strategic alignment

Alignment with Corporate Strategy 2030 

Coporate strategy    
Education and Student experience to deliver an inclusive and engaging learning experience that reflects cultural and global perspectives   
 evolve and adapt our use of educational technologies to enable innovation and to democratise access to learning   
 ensure our students have equal and wide opportunities to access, succeed and progress in education and into purposeful roles in society   
Enterprise and innovation  establish the Group as a sector leader in the provision of professional development programmes   
A global university  deliver a strategic and sustainable approach to the delivery of mobility and collaborative online international learning experiences   
Digital ConnectivityThe Group will be a leader in the adoption and utilisation of digital technology and new ways of working. We will enhance our connectivity, platforms and immersive and experiential learning solutions to deliver an integrated digital ecosystem that underpins our excellence in teaching and learning, research, knowledge exchange and global engagement. We will deliver social learning platforms that enable interaction, collaboration and engagement, and promote accessibility, while ensuring we are at the leading edge of technological innovation. 

Does what it says on the tin

Ed tech job spec.  Typical use cases How does this support the corporate strategy? 
effective use and development of the University Group learning platforms collaborating with academics to devise and implement appropriate solutions to enhance the student learning experience   Education and Student Experience –  
To provide technical guidance and pedagogic advice to staff on the appropriate choice and use of digital learning technologies to support teaching and learning and assessment. Ecosystem and wider tools – edtech ecocsytem -listing tools we support – experts on thse tools, offer training and support, troubleshooting  Ensures academic and professional services staff are knowledgeable about the opportunities afforded by tech and sufficiently skilled to use them in normal and pandemic times.  
Provide leading edge knowledge and expertise in a key area(s) of technology enhanced learning, for example, digital assessment.   
Proactively lead on the design and delivery of staff training as needed and appropriate.   
Design and develop digital artefacts to support teaching, learning and assessment and evaluate their effectiveness   
Support the delivery of externally and internally funded projects.   
Provide expert second line support for the applications that comprise the Ed-Tech ecosystem   
Design and produce user guides for key applications in the ed-tech ecosystem   
Engage with appropriate national bodies and organisations to update knowledge and skills to 
ensure their own professional practice reflects contemporary practice and is cognisant of future 
trends and drivers 
To maintain a network of links with appropriate external organisations and effective working 
relationships with a range of professionals across the University Group. Of primary importance is 
the working relationship with academic staff to support them in achieving their teaching and 
learning objectives, but also with students, and professional service and support group. 
Work as part of the Coventry University Online community contributing to the wider team activities, 
goals and the development of a community of practice 

How to get in touch

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