Jisc Discovery Tool

Digital skills are something that you will develop throughout your career. The Discovery tool helps you to explore your digital know-how. You can use it to self-assess your digital capabilities, identify your strengths, and offers opportunities to develop your skills further to enhance your practice of learning.

It uses a series of reflective questions that relate to the Jisc framework building digital capabilities: the six elements defined. It also offers question sets considering digital capabilities for specific roles (eg teaching staff, library staff) or focus areas (e.g. accessibility and inclusion).

Discovery tool questions are quiz-like and non-judgmental. They aim to assess users’ confidence and experience with a host of real-world digital practices. Just by answering the questions, you are made aware of digital practices you already have and new ones you might try.

On completion, you will receive a report with suggested next steps and links to free resources that can help you develop further.

Link to the Discovery Tool: https://jisc.potential.ly/signin

How to log in:

  1. To login go to https://jisc.potential.ly/signin
  2. Start typing “Coventry University” in the search box
  3. Click on the name of your organisation when it appears
  4. Select Continue

For further guidance on how to get the most of the tool, head to https://digitalcapability.jisc.ac.uk/resources-and-community/discovery-tool-guidance/staff/

Digital Skills Community of Practice

Empty speech bubblesWe would encourage you to join the Digital Skills Community of Practice. This community space is a mixture of digital specialists and digitally interested individuals across the university group, to share ideas and practice for digital skills development for both you and students. Information will be posted on upcoming digital learning and training opportunities, resources, and news that you might be interested in. The space will evolve with members helping lead the digital fluency strategy, influencing and supporting the digital skill needs of the university group


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