New Aula Feature – Engagement Insights

The Aula team have released the beta version of a new feature to enable educators to analyse student engagement in order to make adjustments as the module progresses.

Introducing Engagement Insights

It’s called Engagement Insights and according to the Aula support documentation it helps you keep track of some of the following metrics:

  • Active Students – Last 7 days
    • Percentage of students that accessed the space in the time period specified. 
  • Average Days Active – Last 7 days
    • Sum of total days active in the space per student, divided by the number of students in the space.
  • Active Students
    • Percentage of students that accessed the space in the given week.
  • Comments, Posts & Reactions
    • Total comment, posts and reactions by students within the space during the given week.
  • Student Activity Metrics for Space
    • Activity metrics for each student in the space. 

How to access it

  • Navigate to your space
  • Click on Journey
  • Select Engagement
Aula engagement insights screenshot

Further information

The data from the new engagement insights feature should help educators to understand whether students are accessing their module space as well as which posts are the most effective.

This is a beta feature, meaning you can give feedback on the product portal and report any issues you have to the Aula product support team.

Read more about this feature on the Aula support documentation

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