Aula Update – 3rd March 2021

This is the sixth update on the Aula platform.  It highlights recent changes to Aula, forthcoming changes and responses to recent queries that have been raised.  A reminder that information on Aula’s development plans are available via the Product Portal at  This site can be used to propose ideas and also vote on planned developments.

Recently launched changes

Changes to creating groups.

This feature was released on the 3rd March 2021, and provides enhancements to the process of adding students to groups.  Once a ‘New set of groups’ has been created there are now three options when creating groups:

  • Add new group to set – this remains the same and allows for manual creation of groups by selecting students
  • Auto-generate groups – this option, for random allocation of students to groups, enables groups to be set up specifying the number of groups or number of students per group.  Information display is also enhanced, showing the number of enrolled students on the Aula site. 
  • Create groups with a csv file – this new feature allows groups to be created from a csv file.  The file requires two columns, student email address and group name.  The file can contain other columns (which will be ignored).  If the column headings do not match student email address and group, you will be given an option to map the required columns.

Forthcoming changes

Assignment submission links and extensions 

Work is continuing on mapping multiple links (for the main and extension / deferral submission links) to a single grade report.  All links will automatically feed back into the same entry in the Student Success App.

Improvements to the text editor 

Work is continuing on making improvements to the text editor, including better structure and chunking of content, better accessibility and more content editing functionality.  This is expected early in the Summer.

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