September 2023 Engageli updates

  • Larger classes are possible (approximately 600 students)
  • Creating additional classrooms with the Aula-Engageli integration. This means that is possible to have more than one Engageli classroom per Aula space.

In order to enable the above features, the Aula-Engageli integration has been updated. Instructions on how to use it can be found here

The Engageli interface has also been updated. Please view the following resources:

New features:

What you need to do

Urgent action required! If you created your Engageli link using the Aula integrations prior to 07/09/2023 you need to take the below steps:
1) Delete the old Engageli link from your Aula space
2) Click the ‘+’ button in Aula to add new content, select Integrations > Engageli
3) The integration menu will appear, leave all settings on default and click ‘Submit’
4) The new Engageli link will now be created on your Aula space

If you have not done so already, please join the Engageli Educator Community on Teams via this link (this is where any urgent messages will be communicated)

Familiarise yourself with Engageli’s new look prior to teaching. In particular the changes to:

The classroom layout
Switching between modes
Recording your sessions
Table mode

FAQs and Troubleshooting

When I go to I see an “unauthorised” message
This means that you are not an instructor on the system. Once you have created your initial Engageli classroom through the Aula integration using these steps, you will be added to Engageli with Instructor rights. This means you can now create unlimited additional classrooms.
I am struggling to switch back to Room mode
Please make sure that you have “quit the table” you’re sitting on first. Here is a video guide with a further explanation.
When I add a classroom I receive “Engageli Integration 401 error”
This is caused by the cookie settings on your browser. You need to ensure that cookies are allowed for the integration to work. If this is something you have intentionally disabled, then you can set cookies on a per-website basis, so allowing cookies for both Aula and Engageli should fix it.

For more info on cookie settings, see the relevant guidance for your browser below:



Engageli have a range of support materials available here. For step-by-step instructions on using Engageli at Coventry University – from creating your classroom room all the way to using advanced features – please head here.

If you require any technical support with Engageli, please contact

Updated on September 13, 2023