Aula Quizzes: tagging

Tags can be attached to Items, not to individual questions and are important for searching, filtering and report generation.  Tags can be combined with searching by Titles.

Tags cannot be generated by Educators in Aula Quizzes when authoring questions and activities, they need to be selected from a pre-populated list. 

Tags are used in Aula Quizzes authoring to make Items more contextualised and easily searchable, and to be able to report on student performance on a set of Items.  They appear in the format Tag Type: Tag, where a Tag Type is for example ‘Subject’ and Tag is the Topic.  Aula Quizzes has been pre-populated with a series of Subject/Topic tags based around the University Group structure.  In addition the following Tags have been created to aid with searching and identification and differentiation of questions:

  • Cognitive load (recall – synthesis)
    • Cognitive Load: knowledge-comprehension
    • Cognitive Load: application-analysis
    • Cognitive Load: synthesis – evaluation
  • Assessment type
    • Assessment type: Formative
    • Assessment type: Summative – core
    • Assessment type: Summative – applied core
  • Level (ie 4, 5, 6, 7)
    • Level : 4
    • Level : 5
    • Level : 6
    • Level : 7

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Updated on July 29, 2021

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