Aula Quizzes: importing questions from Moodle

An import facility is provided allowing questions to be imported from Moodle.  However, it is important to note that not all question types can be directly imported.  In all cases where questions are imported it is essential to review the questions once imported.

The question types that can be imported are Description, Multiple Choice, True / False, Short Answer, Essay.  Any associated images will not be imported.

Questions must be exported from Moodle in MoodleXML format for upload to Learnosity. 

To start the upload process there is an Import from Moodle link in the Quiz Item Bank.  When exporting questions it is important that these are done in cognate groups, as when uploaded to Aula Quizzes questions can be added to the same Item.  Items provide an organisational structure and so should only contain cognate questions.

Selecting this opens a drag and drop window for your MoodleXML file.  Once the file has been dropped onto this window the following screen opens:

At this point you are asked to confirm that all these questions should be added to the same Item.  If this option is not selected then each question will be created in a separate Item.

The screen will display the questions that will be successfully imported and also an error list (see below).  This does not provide detail on those questions only an indication of number.

Once submitted a confirmation message will be provided and the questions will then be available in the Quiz Item Bank for editing and use.

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Updated on July 29, 2021

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