Aula Quizzes: Create a New Quiz

Quizzes are a great tool for both checking your students’ understanding of the subject matter as well as introducing new concepts in an interactive and engaging way.

We’ve provided guidance here, but if you’re seeing something different in your Aula dashboard, visit the Aula knowledge base article on creating quizzes.

Watch – Creating Quizzes in Aula

The Aula team have put together this video tutorial of how to create a quiz in Aula:

Read – Creating Quizzes in Aula

Quizzes will be created under the ‘Assignments’ option in Aula and so are specific to Aula Spaces.  A Quiz will be a collection of one or more Items that are presented to the students as one assessment.

When creating a Quiz you will be prompted to enter Title, Description, Open Date and Due Date.  In addition you will specify whether the grade type is percentage or points.

Once the Quiz has been created you are able to add Items from the Quiz Item Bank or create new Items (see Creating Items and Authoring Questions).  The menu options available once in the Quiz are:

  • Items – for creating new Items or adding from the Quiz Item Bank
  • Player – this tab allows for:
    • changing of template for Quiz display. 
    • Updating title and sub-title
    • Setting Quiz time, this specifies how long the test will run for once the students have clicked start.  It does also allow for Reading Time to be allocated.  This setting can be used for setting Time Constrained Assessments.
  • Details – allows Quizzes to be changed to Unpublished or Archived
  • Tags – will provide list of available Tags (see Tagging)

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Updated on October 25, 2021

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