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Engageli resources for your students

Engageli is a digital learning platform designed from the ground up to deliver a better online teaching and learning experience for you and your students. Students will get more out of every learning sessions when they’re willing and able to engage, so we’ve gathered some resources together to help them do just that.

The Engageli Aula Page

This is a downloadable JSON file which you can import directly into your module’s Aula space and tweak as you see fit.

Students can access this like any other page in their Aula materials:

Image of an Engageli page in the Aula moudle area

Download the file

First, you download this JSON file (it’s something internet browsers love reading, but won’t make a lot of sense if you open the file yourself):

Import it to your Aula module

In the Journey tab, click on the the 3 vertical dots next to “Materials”.

Then select the “Import material” option and choose the JSON file you previously downloaded:

There should now be a page titled “Learning with Engageli” in your Aula space.

Add the URL to your Engageli classroom (here or elsewhere) and tweak

Paste in the live URL to your Engageli classroom in the place indicated in the page or anywhere else in your Aula module space you think students will expect to see it.

It’s also a good idea to read through the advice in the page, and feel free to edit and add to it as you see fit.

Engageli Welcome Slides

This is a brief slide deck you can send to your students before their first session in Engageli. It’s also something you may wish to show everyone in the first week or two of your module to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Intro to Engageli slide with Coventry University campus in the background
You can access an online version of the presentation here

These slides cover some key aspects of using Engageli including:

  • What is Engageli?
  • Using the interactive tools (such as reactions, Q&A, Notes and more)
  • Camera etiquette
  • Muting/unmuting tables or the instructor

You can download the slides (and copy them intro your own session slides) here:

The Engageli Student Knowledge Base

Engageli have put together a wealth of resources for both educators and students on how to use all of the features of the platform. This is the place for you and your students to go to get the latest information on features and operational aspects of Engageli.

Students can visit this link, selecting the option for “Learners” when they get there:


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Updated on October 14, 2021

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