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Aula Update – 26th November 2020

This is the second fortnightly update on the Aula platform.  It highlights recent changes to Aula, forthcoming changes and responses to recent queries that have been raised.  A reminder that information on Aula’s development plans are available via the Product Portal at https://portal.aula.education/tabs/3-launched.  This site can be used to propose ideas and also vote on planned developments.

Recently launched changes

Redesigned mobile app

The mobile app has been updated to match the navigation on the web app.  This means that the mobile app now use Community and Journey.  These changes will pave the way for future work to improve accessibility and bring more of the features available on web such as the ability to view and submit assignments. See https://portal.aula.education/c/46-redesigned-mobile-app

Submissions list including ability to filter by group: enabling marker allocation

The recently introduced submission lists has had some refinements added, a key feature in this is means it is now possible to use the group function to create groups that can be used to filter the student submission lists for marker allocation.  This is separate to creating groups for group assessments.  It is recommended that when setting up group sets for this purpose they are clearly labelled.

The submission list feature opens when you click on a Handin or Turnitin assignment in Aula Assignments. It enables:

Easy overview of an assignment’s status and access to core grading tasks

  • Automatic grouping of students into On time submissions, Late submissions, No submission
  • Total submissions count vs. total students
  • Easily see which submissions that have received a grade / are waiting to be graded
  • Navigate to both the entire assignment in Turnitn / Handin and to individual student submissions directly from the list

Easily organise grading between a group of educators in a space

  • The entire list can be filtered by group, enabling a module team to organise / allocate grading tasks between them
  • Use the existing ‘Groups’ functionality in Space Settings to create grading groups for this purpose or use existing groups as required.

Full support for all Handin and Turnitin assignment types

  • Anonymous assignments (Handin): student names are replaced with Student 1, Student 2…
  • Group assignments (Handin only): A drop-down menu displays each student within the group and either the group grade or the student’s individual grade (if graded separately)
  • Anonymous group assignments (Handin): As above but with student names replaced with Student 1, Student 2…

See https://portal.aula.education/c/48-new-submissions-list-view

Useful support links:

Forthcoming changes

Changes that are forthcoming include:

Recent Queries

There have been recent queries on the use of rubrics which have been tracked back to the issue being the rubrics being set up incorrectly.  Guidance on using rubrics is available from https://aula.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017154820-How-can-I-use-Rubrics-for-Assignments-in-Aula-  Additional guidance is under development by Academic Development. 

Setting up timed release exams.  It isn’t possible to include files containing the exam script and mark sheet with the submission link (which is on a timed release).  However, the workaround is to schedule the release of these documents using either the Feed (Community) or Journey page and note in the submission brief and information that this is where students will find them at e.g. 6am on the day of the exam. 

How can I get a student view of my Aula space?  If you want to quickly switch between the student view and the educator view, ask Aula to add you as a student using a non-university email (OR your firstname.lastname@coventry.ac.uk alias).  To be able to view at the same time as when you are in as an Educator, open the student view in an incognito browser window. 


Updated on December 4, 2020

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